Who is the ideal Z&Z woman?
The Z&Z woman is strong, sure of herself but behind the scenes she is laidback and goes with the flow. 
Vacationer Shirt & Short in Coral   
Where did the idea of the brand originate?
Zulu & Zephyr began its journey in the Summer of 2012. Our founders, Candice and Karla Rose set out to revive and relive their mother’s Australian fashion era in the 1970’s.       Siesta Knit Top & Short
How did you decide on the name? Is there a story behind it?
People often ask us where the name Zulu & Zephyr comes from. It’s really a contrast of words, Zulu is that strong, independent woman and Zephyr is the beautiful opposite of that where she goes with the wind and does her own thing. We feel those two words together encompass the Zulu & Zephyr woman.      Vacationer Bralette Bikini           
What does sustainability mean to you?
As the success of Z&Z has grown, so has our social responsibility. Sustainability, for us, means we are committed to being the best brand we can be for the team, extended workers, associated suppliers and most importantly the environment. Our collective priority is to contribute to the protection of the planet through lower impact clothing production. 
        Playa Tri Bikini
What is the next step Z&Z is taking to further the positive impact on the environment?
As we work towards best practice and full transparency, it’s our priority to support certified, traceable raw materials and organisations that improve social, environmental and economic outcomes. Looking to the future, our goal by 2024 is for every garment to hold at least one environmental credential, to launch take-back program, and to be a Carbon Neutral company. To discover more on what we have achieved so far, head to our Values page. 
Vacationer Bralette Bikini
What advice would you give to customers when trying to shop sustainably?
Shop local, shop consciously. We recommend doing your research on fabrications & Australian brands, and investing in sustainable/timeless pieces that may not be the cheapest, but they will last you for forever. We design with longevity in mind for a more circular economy.                        Jet Set Collection available now